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  • CBD Conditioner


    CBD hair conditioner
    CBD conditioner moisturizes even very dry hair and provides it withthe necessary vitamins and minerals. Leaves hair fresh and healthyto look at.The conditioner contains CBD, which nourishes andmoisturizes the hair and prevents frizz. It also contains macadamiaoil, which softens and adds shine to the hair, whilepreventingbreakage of the ends.

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  • CBD cooling gel


    SUITABLE FOR RELAXATION NATURAL COMPOSITION CONTAINS MINT, COMFREY AND CBD CBD massage gel is a cooling cosmetic product made from natural ingredients. It contains mint extract, comfrey and CBD.It is suitable after sporting activities and intense workouts. It has a relaxing effect during the massage.

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  • CBD hand cream


    Nourishing hand cream with CBD and delicate lavender scent. Contains only ingredients of natural origin. The cream with CBD softens and regenerates your hands over a long period of time. Suitable for sensitive skin. In addition to CBD, it contains: hemp oil, which nourishes and softens; almond extract, which protects against dehydration; shea butter, which deeply moisturizes, and other ingredients of natural origin.

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  • CBD make up foundation, medium, 15 ml


    CBD Makeup medium CBD Makeup with natural ingredients is gentle on the skin and with the Earth. It combines the effects of natural ingredients and beneficial CBD, thereby acting on a wide range of ailments.

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  • CBD oil drops 10%, broad-spectrum (THC 0%)


    CBD oil harmonizes proce- sses in the body and supports its immunity system.It has a beneficial effect on heart activity, cholesterol and glucose level in blood and contributes to a normal function of skin, muscles and joints.

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  • CBD oral spray, 50 ml

    Original price was: 25,00 €.Current price is: 24,00 €.

    CBD oral spray with peppermint and colloidal silverFor a fresh feeling and to maintain oral hygiene, with colloidal silver and CBD. Fresh aroma and mint flavour.

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  • CBD shampoo


    Pleasantly perfumed and slightly foaming shampoo combines
    the effects of CBD and cold-pressed hemp oil. Leaves hair smooth
    and gently treats the scalp. Intensively restores the structure of
    damaged hair and cares for hair from the roots to the ends. It
    reduces sebum production. Dermatologically tested. Not tested
    on animals.

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  • CBD warming gel


    It contains a proven formula: hemp
    oil, shea butter, CBD, paprika
    extract, eucalyptus, clove, comfrey,
    ginger and lavender extracts.
    It is suitable for massaging the skin to relieve
    stiffness. Massage gel with CBD is suitable after
    sports or intense workouts.

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  • Coconut Coffee Scrub


    Coffee body scrub, is an organic coffee scrub that is meant to leave your skin smooth and soft.

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  • Hemp tea with fruits


    Hemp tea with fruit – food supplement was grown with love
    and hand-picked in the EU. It contains valuable cannabinoids,
    predominantly CBD – cannabidiol. Hemp seed harmonizes the
    basic processes in the body, thus supporting its natural defenses. It has relaxing effects. Mixed Fruit provide blends not only
    with a delicious taste and a beautiful scent, but they are also
    a great antioxidant. It does not act narcotically

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  • Herbal toothpaste with CBD


    Toothpaste with CBD without fluoride, gently foams and provides comprehensive care. It uses the anti-inflammatory and soothing effects of CBD, herbs and seaweed, the combination of which enhances the positive effects of the paste.

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